A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Will O wisp Forest is a short kinetic otome game 


Looking to escape from her past, Elaine accepts the first posting for employment she finds on the town bulletin for the overgrown mansion at the edge of the forest. Without enough coin to hire a carriage, she spends the rest of her money on provisions she sets out. Night has fallen by the time she reaches the woods near the manor.
Unable to see the path in the darkness, she ends up following the lights created by Willo’s wisps.
Its not until she falls into a bog that she realizes just how lost she is. After righting herself she reluctantly choses to continue to follow the lights until the trees thin out and she finds herself in
the clearing with two knowns.

What will happen after that?

This version includes the common route and valdis and Lupin's routes,we will upload a route every week.


_2h of game play

_6 Love interests,4 males and 2 females

_6 beautiful CGs,it may include some yuri scenes

_3 original backgrounds


Writer/ The Afrochick

Sprites artist and designer/ Hana H.A

Gui and Logo designer/ Hana H.A

CG artist/ Akua kourin

Original background artist/ Hana H.A

Programmer/ 9 Chan

Music used found on websites


16 November:

Fixed problem of words being outside textbox.
Fixed unreadable text by darkening the textbox.
Valdis' route has a few bugs which should be fixed.

2 December:

Uploaded Valdis and Viveka's routes
Sound errors fixed

25 January:

Uploaded all the other routes

Install instructions

give feedback and let us know if you had any problems while playing the game.


WillOWisp-1.2-pc.zip 99 MB
WillOWisp-1.2-mac.zip 82 MB

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